An exceptionally unique experience tailored to you

3 days of Challenges 

30 September

01 October

02 October


2 days of Conference

14 October

15 October

Connect Live Stream



We have technical and non-technical topics for everyone. Join us for our second edition this year

Learning Path


Many interesting papers are presented on our stage and between community members



You can be part of our community too. Find your answers and grow as one with our community

Think Fast


Solve all challenges designed by our team or from our partners, and win the competition

The Most Unique Competition

We heard your feedback, and now you have more time to solve our challenges. You have three days now.

There are limited tickets which can offer you access to our conference and competition. Grab your ticket and join us.

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Make sure you know the rules

Your mission is to capture all the flags that are placed in Bucharest, Romania. Each flag will lead you to the next one … pretty nice, right? We can only have one winner!


You must know some techniques before starting our challenges


Something is plain text, and something is very strange encrypted

Think Smart

Maybe we do not have something technical as challenges to solve

Social Engineering

One of the most interesting parts of our challenges is this one

Act Fast

Make sure you are the first to submit the flags and win the race

How To Win

Well, you have to figure it out yourself and capture all the flags

Join Our Community

Join our community and get in touch with other persons just like you, passionate about Ethical Hacking. We promote the learning path and sharing your experience matters for our community.