Tactics and Rules 


All the questions regarding where the challenge start or if they are encountering issues, other technical difficulties, our staff will assist on the PUBLIC Slack Channel (#main-htz)

HTZ Staff is not responsible for

We are NOT responsible for any kind of issues that appears on attender/competitor personal belongings (PC, laptop, mobile, table or other devices), our staff will try to offer support, but cannot
guarantee that we can fix the issue since there are personal belongings

Each minute counts

Each minute counts! We have a race and only one winner! The attender that will score the best time on the last flag will be declared WINNER. If no one gets the last flag, the best time of the previous flag will be rewarded.

Be prepared for our challenges with your attacker mindset and the following prerequisites

You can do all the challenges by yourself or with your team, but only one person will get the prize!

We’ve placed our flags in multiple locations from Bucharest

os & software

Kali Distro


Laptop + power adapter

External Wireless Card

Mobile Phone

Personal HotSpot



Probably some cash for personal expenses like a drink or small entry fees (50-60 RON)

Please read

Contest: HackTheZone Conference & Challenge
Organizer: Str. Lunii 2 A, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, 400369, Romania

  1. Contest Entry

(1) Contest Entry is exclusively dedicated to participants of the HackTheZone annual conference which will take place on the 14-15 October 2021, and it will be live-streamed.
(2) The official website of the conference is https://www.hackthezone.com
(3) Upon signing up, the participant will receive a pass which will have to be presented whenever the organizer requires it during any stages or sites of the competition.
(4) Should anyone under the age of 18 want to participate, along with the pass received when signing up, they should present the written and signed agreement from their parent or legal tutor. The entry will take place in an individual manner.
(5) Access to the contest is open, and not limited, to people of any nationality, religion, or sex.

  1. Contest timeline

(1) The contest will take place between 30 September, 01 October, and 02 October 2021.
(2) The Contestants will manifest their intentions to take part in the contest by submitting a written notification VIA e-mail to: contact@hackthezone.com. The notification must contain the personal identification data and must be sent with 48h prior to the beginning of the contest. After submitting their written notification, the participants will receive an invite to a dedicated channel of the contest – inside of our Discord Server, where they will find the details of the first task, or VIA email.
(3) For a smooth contest surf, the contestants will need the following:

  1. a) A laptop + power cable.
  2. b) USB wireless adapter
  3. c) recommended budget for possible small purchases (refreshment drinks, food, possible fees that might occur i.e. parking entering a building etc.) – at least 60 RON
  4. d) recommended budget for shifting between locations in which the tasks will have to be performed 50 RON (transportation between sites will not be provided by the organizer and will be performed by individual means of the participant, who will be solely responsible for any incidents that might occur during transportation between sites)
  5. e) Up to date Kali Operating System – preinstalled or using a Virtual Machine/VPS.
  6. f) mobile HotSpot.
  7. g) VPS (optional)
  1. The Contest development

(1) The tasks will take place online, however, the tasks will require competitors to physically be within multiple locations perimeters around Bucharest. The addresses will be discovered by the competitors during the different competition stages.
(2) On the (soon) of October the details regarding the first task will be communicated to the competitors VIA the official Discord Channel designed for our competition or VIA email.
(3) To further strengthen our unbiased position all support queries will be communicated VIA the main Discord Server and not in private to the organizer.
(4) The competitors will have to identify a flag within the systems put at their disposal by the organizer.
(5) The flag will have the form HTZ{SHA256} where SHA1 it’s a 40 long and random alpha-numerical array of characters.
(6) Successfully communicating the correct HTZ{SHA256} on the submission platform, will mean that the competitor has successfully completed the task.
(7) The competitor has the responsibility of submitting the flag on the submission platform.
(8) In the event that the competitor does not communicate the flag (at all or within the contest regulations) the task will not be considered complete.
(9) The finish line of the tasks will be marked with a unique HTZ{SHA256} flag followed by the line “Felicitări ai finalizing competition HackTheZone – 2021!”
(10) The ranking of the competitors will be established according to the timestamp of the submitted HTZ{SHA256} flag on the submission platform. The first competitor to send the last HTZ{SHA256} will be declared the winner.
(11) If in the course of the competition the contestants are not able to obtain all the HTZ{SHA256} flags, the winner will be declared the competitor who sent the highest level HTZ{SHA256} flag, first.

  1. The prize

(1) The prize for every completed task will consist of 200 EURO (payable in Lei at the exchange rate published by BNR the day of the award ceremony)
(2) The value of the prize from which the winner can benefit will be directly impacted by the number of tasks completed within the competition (i.e.: If the contest will consist of 5 tasks, the grand prize will be 2000 Euros).
(3) According to local laws and regulations the prize will be subject to a 10% tax applicable by the source. (i.e.: if the total prize of 2000 Euro will be won, the winner will benefit of  1800 Euros)
(4) The delivery of the prize will happen VIA bank transfer. The winner must provide a bank account in his name for the organizer to transfer the prize to.
(5) The awards ceremony will take place on the second day of the conference, 15 October.
(6) If the winner is not present at the ceremony, the prize will go to the next highest-ranked competitor.
(6.1) If our conference will be held online (Live Stream), the winner will be contacted prior conference and invited into our video studio.

  1. Organizer’s obligations

(1) Making sure that all the necessary IT systems needed for the smooth running of the competition are available and functional.
(2) Answer the issues raised by competitors on the entire duration of the contest in the most open way, on the Discord public channel, without giving out the correct answers.

  1. Competitor’s obligations

(1) Have the ticket available to be presented at any stage of the competition should the organizer ask for it.
(2) Use decent and respectful language within the contest and especially during the Social engineering stage (asking the right questions will lead to finding the solution).
(3) Use Open Source apps, and if apps that require a license are used, licensing will fall strictly under the competitor’s responsibility.
(4) Will not cause damage to any gear put at their disposal by the organizer or third-party associates.
(5) Will not execute DOS (Denial of Service) attacks to interfere with the functionality of the gear.
(6) Will not make use of the resources within the competition to generate cyber-attacks against systems that are not involved in the competition.
(7) Will not attempt to sabotage other competitors by any means.
(8) Will not force access in the competition’s locations outside working hours.
Not respecting the obligations mentioned above will lead to contest expulsion and event sanctions according to local laws

  1. Significant mentions

(1) The organizer reserves the right to modify the rules and regulations, notifying the participants beforehand.
(2) The organizer will not be responsible for possible injuries of the competitors while moving between locations.
(3) The organizer will not be responsible for possible illegal activities undertaken by participants within the competition’s time frame.
(4) In case of any COVID-19 LOCKDOWN or the competition is affected by any restrictions, all participants must comply with the rules of the government set for this emergency medical plan.