Our Mission

We aim to bring you real RedTeam scenarios and put you into real situations/attacks. The challenges are real targets and we do not have platforms to simulate attacks, you will apply them into different areas, domains, sector or places.

We are educating and creating skills by offering you various challenges with different level of approaches or effort.

This project was created with a single goal – Ethical Hacking, and promoting this vibe to all of our participants and especially business segment.

Connecting skills and ideas

Our True Passion

We dedicate time and efforts to create our vision wide into various segments. If we have the same view as the attacker, we can bring you closer to real life scenarios as they happen into the wild.

Bad actors are thinking differently and you have to think line one of them to accomplish better security compliance. They manage to find breaches due to lack of security gaps of the company employees, miss-configurations or small budget allocated! Our project lets you free to create this mindset, increase your skills, we gather a lot of young or experienced talents from the market, nevertheless in this way we add a small touch to IT Security community within our project.