Our Team

Powerful team with BIG Curiosity about how things are working : )

We are passionate about IT and especially into Ethical Hacking and we decided to create this project. What kind of skills we have? Well … we have many, and our project will improve yours.

The idea of this project came as something on the spot and here we are. At this moment our team is growing and various collaborators are involved in this project.

Our project is for educational purposes and we are providing challenges that are real targets and in order to simulate even closer how a real attack is performed by Penetration Testers or so-called White Hackers. Placing attendees into multiple challenges, and they have to prove various skills to complete this race. Attenders will experience the true feeling of a real Red Team member and they will be assisted by our team in this journey.

If you have any questions, you can reach us on our Discord Server, Social Media links, or by email.

Thank you,
HackTheZone Team