Our passion grows

with each one of you

Competition Details

You need to find your way into the first flag, after that you will be directly guided to the next flag and so on. Keep in mind that once you are in … you must follow the exactly directions to achieve the final goal!

Each flag has specific tasks or can also be creative ways to gain access for that flag.

All the flags are created by HTZ staff, in case something is not clear about how this challenge will run, please review game rules. If you do not follow the rules, you will be automatically disqualified because its not fair to others participants and our community!

Event Ticket


  • Participate to challenges
  • Attend to main event
  • Community experience
  • Learn new ways of ethical hacking
  • Get in contact with new technology
  • Job Opportunity
  • Networking
  • Coffee Break



Social Engineering





Our event can have different objectives or available time, depends on our creativity and how far we can push you into this challenge

All challenges will be presented in detail by our staff. If you are interested into presenting your work/research, email us at contact[@]hackthezone.com