Graphic Materials

Materials designed for our partners and community

This section is dedicated to our Media Partners and to everyone who wants to use our digital assets. A series of digital materials such as wallpapers, logos, and even a Media Kit to promote our project. If you need something custom on other sizes and resolutions, please contact us.

Where I can use them
  • Presentation
  • Write articles
  • Video Content
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Devices
Note: HackTheZone is running as a registered trademark, and all materials listed here can not suffer changes without our permission.






Blue Zodiac






Bad Usage


Download here

Mobile Wallpapers

Download here

Submit your ideas or personal designs


If you have new ideas of vision over the items that we already create, go ahead! Write us an email with your designs

What kind of model?

Do your magic! You can build banners, stickers, wallpapers, and even T-Shirt designs, why not? The best submission of your work on contact[at]